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notOK App

A Mobile iOS and Android App

notOK™ App is a one-tap support system that makes reaching out for help easier. It takes the guesswork out of asking for help when users are feeling vulnerable, sending a text message and current GPS location to pre-selected contacts.

NotOK App on an iPhone X

A Collaboration

Backed by two Atlanta-based non-profits Break Into Business and Plywood People, Hannah and Charlie Lucas worked with East Taylor (design) and Braid (development) to bring the app to life.

notOK Login ScreennotOK Contacts Screen


notOK™ App enjoyed a successful launch with thousands of users in the first month with no paid advertising. It maintains 5-star review averages on the iOS App Store as well as Google Play.

While the app offers support for both iOS and Android, it is built on a universal platform, leveraging a single code base for the bulk of the features. Universal platforms streamline development and ease maintenance burden in the long term.

"This app is so crucial to anyone who has a dark moment, or who desperately needs to cry out for help but doesn’t know how. It’s easy to set up and painless to ask. Everyone needs this. Everyone."
App Reviewer - Google Play

The app also features in-app subscriptions, SMS text relay, GPS, and a REST API which powers the application and the web interface.

Read about the notOK™ App launch on ABC News.

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