Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

Great question! We do both hourly (time and materials) and guaranteed fixed-fee projects. The more defined and predictable a project is, the happier we are to attach a fixed fee to it. We prefer to bill hourly for longer-term projects with changing requirements. The difficulty in estimating software is well documented. Thankfully, we've completed enough projects to predict the straightforward accurately. Here are some examples:

Fixed-fee Available

  • Straightforward marketing, WordPress, or Drupal sites
  • HTML emails
  • A well defined small-to-medium sized project with most/all screens and features documented


  • Product Prototypes
  • SaaS products
  • Websites with complex business logic
  • Enterprise websites with lots of content (hundreds, thousands, or millions of articles)
  • Custom interfaces with complex animations and JavaScript
  • Rich interactive media experiences such as 3D animations or complex scrolling animations.

How much will it cost?

Every project varies and each will get it's own estimate (for hourly projects) or guaranteed price (for fixed bid). Fill out our "request quote" form to get a quote now!

What does it look like to do a project with Braid?

Braid has an efficient and transparent workflow. Upon project kickoff, we will add you as an observer to a project development board. You will see the prioritized list of the tasks we are actively working on as they progress from "backlog", to "in progress", to "done". A loose hours estimate is placed on each task so you can see how certain tasks will impact your budget. If desired, you can help prioritize the task list to ensure an ideal utilization of your budget.

We regularly send budget reports throughout the duration of a project so you will know exactly where you stand. We will also invite representatives from your organization to our Slack team allowing for real-time access to the development team.

How long does it take to complete a project?

While we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional code quickly, the duration of a project is determined by many factors.

  • Desired Timeline - We can build your project on a standard, rush, or urgent timeline. Having a team means we can assign more programmers to your project and deliver on tight deadlines.
  • Complexity - On average, applications with complex business logic and a lower fault tolerance will take longer.
  • Scale - Will the application need to handle hundreds, thousands, or millions of users?
  • Project Needs - How far along was the project when we were introduced to it? Have designs been completed? Does a content outline exist? Or is the project still a fresh idea waiting to be explored?

We use hours, days, and weeks to estimate small to medium sized projects, and months to measure the scope of larger applications.

How is working with Braid different from hiring a contractor or freelancer?

We love freelancers. In fact, most of us have freelanced in the past. Working with Braid is a different experience entirely.

Our development team is made up of full-time professionals, dedicated to producing high-quality work. Hiring a freelancer means you have a single point of failure. Having a team assures you don't have to worry about a freelancer getting sick or burning out and quitting your project.

Do you all offer design services as well?

Yes! Our design services are centered around user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX).

If you are our development team, how readily available are you? Can I ping you anytime just like I would my own staff?

When Braid joins your team, we invite you to our messaging system. This is where our team hangs out day in and day out, and where you can ping us with any questions or concerns. Of course, you can always email or call your assigned partner manager as well.

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