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Application Development

  • MVPs to full-blown applications that scale


With user accounts, persistent data, and complex business logic, there’s no shortage of things to account for when it comes to application development. Our team has built some great products and we’d love to chat with you about your next idea.

How Braid Can Help

  • Architecture

    • Design a solid foundation for the future.
  • Production

    • Quickly engineer a minimum viable product.
  • Iteration

    • Ongoing support for maintenance and new features.

Minimum. Viable. Product.

MVPs are a great way to validate you’re building the right thing. Gone are the days of waterfall development with all features determined in advanced, seven-figure budgets, and years-long time frames. Develop the minimum feature set needed to provide value to your target market before you bet the farm.

  • Early Discovery

    MVPs provide a quick initial release to answer important questions. Is there demand? How much will users pay? What features are in highest demand? Build the applications your users actually need.
  • Rapid Iteration

    MVPs have only enough features to provide real value to early customers. Demonstrate your idea has traction before funding a full-featured application. We’ll be here to help throughout the entire process.
  • Future Friendly

    Developing an MVP doesn’t mean lost time and money. By leveraging modular, component-based workflows you can scale from MVP to flagship product smoothly and without incurring unnecessary expenses.

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