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About Braid

Braid is a digital agency that builds the highest quality sites and apps.

The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. We draw from our team’s diverse backgrounds and skillsets to tackle our clients’ toughest problems.

We move the needle by providing expert strategy, prototyping, and engineering services to our customers, and thrive off of launching entirely new digital products and experiences.

Braid engineer, Justin, speaks about JavaScript at South by South West 2018 The Braid Charlottesville office Four Braid engineers enjoy a pint.

Braid’s heart is in Charlottesville, VA, a charming city surrounded by beautiful country and mountainscape. Charlottesville punches far above its weight class for food and culture and was named the happiest place to live by the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in 2014. In 2016, named Charlottesville the 4th best city for entrepreneurs.

Braid was founded on a set of core values. Our values are our identity, providing a north star for decision making and ensuring we are who we set out to be.

Graffiti art near the Braid offices.

We are…

  • Committed to quality

    When we make the decision to do something, we do it to the highest level. We strive to proudly bear our name on anything we produce.

  • Loyal to a fault

    We are loyal to our customers, our vendors, and others on our team — even when it comes at a cost to ourselves.

  • Problem solvers

    We are problem solvers. We see a world that could be better, and make it so. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We apply intelligence, creativity, and perseverance to the most difficult problems we encounter.

  • Drivers of positive impact

    We strive to make a difference for others. Whether for a coworker, our city, our customers, or the world, we bring this attitude of positivity to work each day.

  • Nurture belonging

    We accept others with open arms. Our team members are more than colleagues, our offices are more than rooms, and our clients are more than customers.

The Braid team joined forces in Charlottesville, VA to form a new type of agency — one built and run by software engineers.

Join the team
  • Headshot of Luan Nguyen

    Luan Nguyen

    Co-Founder & Senior Engineer

  • Headshot of Justin Schroeder

    Justin Schroeder

    Strategist & Senior Engineer

  • Headshot of Andrew Boyd

    Andrew Boyd

    Co-Founder & Senior Engineer

  • Headshot of Chris Ellinger

    Chris Ellinger

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Headshot of Chris Geelhoed

    Chris Geelhoed

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Headshot of Sasha Milenkovic

    Sasha Milenkovic

    Software Engineer

  • Headshot of Chris Adams

    Chris Adams

    Senior Full Stack Engineer

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