Why Braid?

We combine careful planning, design-savvy, and skillful engineering to build successful web projects the first time.

Braid isn't for everyone or for every project. We won't compromise quality just to save a buck. We are not a good fit as the budget option or as an advertising agency. If you need help developing copy or purchasing media, you should look elsewhere.

So why should you hire Braid?

Braid’s Difference

Just a few things that make us different.

Right the first time. No more failed projects.

No more settling for a site that you knew wasn't right, or having to re-do a project because it wasn't up to snuff. We apply a proven and repeatable process to every project we undertake.

Punchy and impactful design. No more looking like every other brand.

We've honed our design-talent evaluation and only partner with the best designers in the business. We masterfully apply your brand to everything we create.

Implement powerful integrations to automate & reduce repetitive tasks.

Your website is more than a flashy veneer. It's a tool — connected to your CRM, email list manager, and powering (or powered by) external data. We strive to create products that improve the lives of our clients and their customers beyond visual design.

On-shore, in-house, and all-star engineering team. No technical obstacles.

Our team is readily available for communication — we’re awake and working when you are. Braid was founded with engineering at our core. If a solution we need doesn't exist — we create it.

San Francisco quality at small town prices.

As a focused team in a small city, Braid delivers industry-leading quality and with exceptional value. We serve wonderful clients in Virginia, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and beyond.

You believe an industry-leading website is paramount to your success.

Not all websites are created equal — and Braid is in the business of crafting industry-leading sites. We build enterprise, storytelling, e-commerce, and marketing websites that inspire trust, clearly inform and make you stand out among your competitors.

Why? Because quality makes a difference and we're not content to churn out mediocre cookie-cutter projects.

Have you ever purchased a product from a company because their website was better than their competitors' websites? We have. We'll make sure your audience feels the same way about you.

You believe details matter — that little advantages compounded over time yield winning results.

We sweat the details. Whether obsessively testing and refining your site for every single device size, or ensuring your editor experience is delightful and sustainable long-term (and saving your staff many hours), we look for all the possibilities to make it better.

Your web project is full of opportunities — to automate a manual task, to engage users with an interactive piece, or to visualize and present data in more impactful ways.

And your prospects will notice. They'll see how clean & polished your company looks, how easy your site is to navigate, how smooth it is to purchase from you compared to the competition.

You want a champion to run with your project.

What happens when you choose the cheap or mediocre agency, employee, or freelancer? We'll tell you based on our own experience: You end up needing to micro-manage the project. Milestone deliveries are never up to snuff and require your painstaking feedback for any chance of improvement.

If your vendor does manage to finish the project, you'll still only get exactly what you requested. Your project will be bound by what the minimum spec said it was required to be. What if instead you were able to cast your vision and what came back was better than you imagined? What if you could harness the power of an all-star team of creators?

Braid routinely exceeds expectations. We strategically enhance, masterfully design, and skillfully build your project.

Hire Braid to build your project and exhale. We've got this.

We know what you're thinking...

You talk a pretty big game, Braid. Can you prove it? Yeah, we can.

Our Services

Accelerator Website

0 slots currently available

Step into the website big leagues with our 7-week website design and development Accelerator program. It’s the fastest way to a custom-built site with your brand. Start today and launch by:

Sep 11th, 2024

View Our full process

No-Limits Website

Availability starting Q3 2024

From strategy, to design, to execution and beyond, we take you through our comprehensive & proven process to build an industry-leading site that stands above your competitors. Much more than a website.

See what’s Possible

Digital Innovation

Availability starting Q3 2024

Hire us to implement your never-been-done web projects. We'll take your ideas for new platforms, bespoke storytelling sites, annual reports, social networks, communities, marketplaces, dashboards, etc., and turn them into reality.

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