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Between $15,000 - $25,000

A custom-designed professional website — cohesively integrated with your brand — in 7 weeks.

You've always wanted better website, but you've put off the investment for years. Or maybe you've tried, but failed. Maybe you've hired a freelancer, a team, or even attempted a DIY solution, but have never gotten the results you've wanted. Now it's time to crank the quality up a notch.

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Sep 11th, 2024

We’ve distilled our proven process for building industry-leading websites down to its most vital elements to give you a competitively priced option at uncompromising quality. No frills — just careful planning, high-caliber design, masterful execution.



Your own branding

Raise the bar on your company's professionalism by presenting a cohesive brand online. Website builders allow you to upload your logo, but your brand is so much more than that. Prefabricated solutions can't convey the spirit of your brand. We’ll paint your brand, with its typefaces, colors, graphic elements, and unique personality onto the digital canvas.

Exceptional design

One of the best designers in the industry will create 3-5 bespoke page designs that appeal to your target audience and your own sensibilities. Your site will not feel like sites from popular website builders where the same theme is utilized by thousands of other organizations.

A champion to get your site done. Guaranteed.

You won't need to hand-hold, micro-manage, or direct our every move. We'll take your vision and run with it — delivering back even more than you could have imagined on your own.

Professional process

We take you through a professional process that we’ve honed over years and hundreds of website builds. We’ll move from strategic planning, through design, to masterful execution and beyond.

Tailored solution

Both the front-end and back-end of your site will fit perfectly with your content structure and strategy. Each portion of your website will exist for a reason. Your website will not be bloated with functionality intended to support other arbitrary organizations using the same website.

A custom landing-page builder built right into your website.

Marketing teams need to move fast. They come out with innovative marketing campaigns. They respond real-time to what's happening in the world: a cultural phenomenon, an annual tradition, or even a global pandemic. If your team doesn't have the capability to quickly push out content, these timely opportunities can pass you by.

No more waiting on your development team or needing to engage a vendor. With a branded landing-page builder, your marketing team will have the power to formulate, author, and implement beautiful and branded marketing campaigns with no external design or development required.

Site managing and content-editing bliss. No more editing the same content in multiple places.

Managing a website doesn't have to be laborious. At Braid, we give just as much care to your editing experience as your customer's end-user experience. Our team will customize your site admin area to make content editing as easy and seamless as possible, saving your team precious hours.

No more fighting with padding, margin, or layout. No more editing the same content in multiple places. No more sifting through hundreds of pages to find the one you are trying to edit. With a Braid Accelerator Site your marketing team will be in complete control of your site's content without the headaches.

A marketing team’s dream

Don’t take our word for it

It was so cool to work with a team where the capabilities were not limited by my imagination. They created something so beyond what I ever would have been able to describe or envision.

Torrance Hart — Founder, Teak & Twine

Lowering your risk

A custom website can be a big investment, which is why we've made sure to make it as low-risk as possible for you.

Back out early if Braid is not right for you

If after the first design delivery you are not 100% satisfied with your experience with Braid, you can eject. Take the rest of your money (usually 2/3rds of the project fee), any work we've created thus far (sitemaps, plans, designs) and walk. No hard feelings. No questions asked. We're willing to bet you won't.

Milestone payment structure

No need to exhaust your internal team or hire additional staff

45-day quality guarantee

What’s Included

What’s included

You'll get everything you'd expect from a professional website. We won't list everything here because we consider most of them table stakes, but here are a few highlights.

Light discovery & planning phase

3-5 bespoke page designs and implementation

Full content management with a customized editing experience and page-builder

Optimized performance

Launch support

The finer details

Analytics set up, connection to social media accounts, rich sharing links, on-page SEO infrastructure (Google sitemaps), drop-in integrations, favicon, training session and more.

What’s not included (but can be added on)

Don't get us wrong — Braid Accelerator sites are really good — and already better than most of your competitors. However, if you are looking for an industry-leading website, go here. Accelerator sites are intended to capture the most bang-for-the-buck elements of an industry-leading website and get you 80% of the way there at a third of the price. Here are some things you won't get at the base price.

Bespoke illustrations

Custom produced iconography

High-end animations

Custom-coded visualizations or interactive pieces

Deep integrations with 3rd-party systems

A custom technology stack

Authenticated area for your users


Your time is important. Here’s what it will look like spent with us.



Kickoff session

Sitemap planning

Map content hierarchy for selected pages

Finalize all requirements


Deliver 1st page design to establish look & feel

Deliver remaining designs

One round of feedback

Start development


You start content entry


Final testing & checklist



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