Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

Bespoke. Engaging. Revolutionary. You name it.

A digital innovation is something entirely new — a product you can't buy off the shelf: a new SaaS platform, a highly animated storytelling feature, or a reinvented e-commerce experience. They require high-level designers, engineers, and strategic partners to pull off. Thankfully, it's what we do best.

Some things we can do

If it can be done on the web, Braid can build it. Ok...remote-controlling Elon's starship to Mars via web app might be too big of a mountain to climb, but you get the picture. Here's a list of ideas to get you started.

Bespoke storytelling experiences

New SaaS platforms or recurring revenue businesses

Internal or external portals

Custom e-commerce experiences

Data visualizations

The hot new... CRM, social network, or job board

And much more

Custom APIs, operations software, inventory management systems, client management systems, membership management software, etc.

Tech-Powered Startups

The "A" team for your tech-enabled startup.

A complete solution

Braid is a one-stop shop to take your idea from vision to reality. From locking down your brand, designing all the different components of your universe, building your marketing site, documentation site, the product itself, to setting up customer support infrastructure and more, Braid is the "A" team for your early stage startup.

A wise investment

As your early stage tech partner, Braid is your strategy partner, design team, and engineering team. In a world filled with mediocre options on and off shore, it's hard to know if your team is up to the challenge. We'll build your project right the first time, many times at a fraction of the investment of both time and money.

From Pre-Seed to Seed

It's hard to get partners, employees, and investors on board with your tech-powered business idea without something to show. Braid brings our top technical and design talent to bear for your first working prototype.

From Seed to Series A

We'll plan, design, and execute an MVP version of your product — capable of scaling to tens of thousands of users. We'll make sure your code is sound, well-documented, and scalable so you can start recruiting your own creative and engineering talent. Investors will have a hard time not investing.

Get Started

Get to know us, and let us add value to your idea.

A discovery session is the best way to start a big project. It is a grueling full-day meeting that brings a strategic and technical founder-level perspective to your project. We deeply explore your business, strategy, and begin formulating a technical architecture for your idea. We use our unique perspective to validate and refine your product, informing you what is and isn't possible, and at what price points and timelines.

You'll walk away with key findings, increased clarity, and a proposal to accept or shop around. No further commitment unless you know we are the team you want.

It all starts with strategy

Think Braid might be the right team for you?

Get in touch with us about your digital innovation.

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