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Leading the charge on WordPress and WooCommerce development.

Braid has decades of experience designing & building premium WordPress websites and plugins that push the limits of what the content management system (CMS) can achieve.

Whether it's an effective marketing site for your business or a robust sales engine to power your e-commerce growth leveraging tool such as WooCommerce — the Braid team will happily show you what a tailor-made WordPress website can do.

Braid has had the privilege to create an abundance of WordPress and WooCommerce powered experiences for our clients over the years.

From its easy-to-use interface for content editors to its robust APIs for developers — WordPress has earned its place at the heart of millions of websites and web applications.

Coasic - Software that brings all the pieces together.

A custom WordPress site for Cosaic — a leader in the fintech software space — built with Braid's Accelerator Website process. An entirely bespoke marketing site featuring a robust set of custom components that content editors are able to stitch together to create and manage their own designs. Read the client's review of Braid's services here.

Bramante Homes

A bespoke custom WordPress site for a premier home builder in Central Virginia. Built with Braid's Accelerator Website process this custom site features an easy-to-use editor experience and provides a canvas through which Bramante's premium portfolio can shine. Read the client's review of Braid's services here.

Sun Tribe Solar

An industry-leading website and custom solar calculator for Virginia’s largest commercial solar company. Powered by a clean and well-architected custom WordPress theme. Read the case study here.

Charlottesville Tomorrow

A bespoke digital publishing platform — combining a WordPress editing experience with a modern Vue.js front-end — for Charlottesville, VA’s local reporting and analysis leader. read the case study here.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company

A brand new marketing and e-commerce experience for one of Virginia’s premier craft beer producers. Powered by a custom WordPress and WooCommerce theme.

Pebble Tossers

A playful and powerful custom WordPress website for a non-profit committed to equipping youth to lead through service.

Emerson James Wedding Rentals

A custom WordPress build leveraging WooCommerce as a request-only (no purchasing) design planning tool. Prospective customers are able to browse available inventory and assemble their own design which is then submitted as a booking request.

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