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Case Studies

Creating a custom e-commerce platform with multi-recipient checkout

Services: Web Design, Custom Web Application

Serving up a digital museum experience for tennis fans

Services: Web Design, Web Development, Storytelling

Elevating a Virginia solar company’s web presence to the top of their field

Services: Web Design, Web Development

Building a digital platform around the movement-inspiring Slay Like a Mother book

Services: Web Development

Our Services

Braid is a digital agency based out of Charlottesville, VA. We specialize in digital innovation — building industry-leading websites, experiences, & apps.

Accelerator Website

3 slots available

Step into the website big leagues with our 7-week website design and development Accelerator program. It’s the fastest way to a custom-built site with your brand. Start today and launch on:

Dec 12th, 2020

No-Limits Website

3 - 5 months

From strategy, to design, to execution and beyond, we take you through our comprehensive & proven process to build an industry-leading site that stands above your competitors. Much more than a website.

Digital Innovation

Hire us to implement your never-been-done web projects. We'll take your ideas for new platforms, bespoke storytelling sites, annual reports, social networks, communities, marketplaces, dashboards, etc., and turn them into reality.


Using Tailwind with Vue Formulate

Open Source Packages

Vue Formulate 2.4 released


Details Matter: Add a Visual Grid System to your Front-end Development Process

Let’s build something together. We’re excited to hear about your project and how we can help.

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