We empower our clients to launch their ideas

Our approach fuses strategy, design, and cutting-edge technology with a well-architected collaborative process to deliver the finest websites and applications again and again.

Higher Education

From campaign websites for advancement teams, marketing sites for major schools, to portals for students, faculty, and staff, Braid has completed projects for various types of stakeholders at major U.S. universities.


Braid helps startups in a variety of ways. We help startups improve their web presence by moving them from DIY/freelancer sites to professional ones, and we help tech and SaaS entrepreneurs build early versions of their products to gain traction and obtain Seed and Series A funding.

Small & Midsize

Braid builds professional websites for a variety of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) including restaurants & breweries, law offices, private healthcare practices, architectural firms, real estate brokerages and automotive groups.


We have a wealth of experience creating websites, dashboards, and other digital software for enterprise customers. From garnering widespread stakeholder buy-in, conforming to accessibility, privacy, and security specifications, following detailed procurement processes, implementing single sign-on, or integrating with existing enterprise software, Braid has the skills for large enterprise projects.


Having created websites for numerous online newspapers, journals, and magazines, Braid is deeply knowledgeable in editorial design and implementation. We can build you a comprehensive digital home for your publication, design you a bespoke storytelling experience for a single piece, or create a custom content-editor workflow to manage your newsroom.


Nonprofits are a key driver of the common good. As drivers of positive impact, we treasure any opportunity to bolster the efforts of nonprofits that we ideologically align with to serve our city, country, and world. Braid provides discounted rates and prices to nonprofits.

Public Sector

Public sector websites often house a vast collection of features, including GIS data, e-commerce for taxes & utilities, and calendars & events. They prioritize user experience, functionality, and accessibility & security compliance. Braid has the capabilities to build large scale websites for libraries, local and state governments, public schools, and other public organizations.

Let’s build something together. We’re excited to hear what you’re working on and how we can help.

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